See Who Someone Is Talking to on Telegram

How to See Who Someone Is Talking to on Telegram

Random strangers can’t get into private Telegram accounts. 

The company has done everything possible to protect users’ privacy. They’ve got end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, self-destructing texts, and even anti-screenshot protection.

This is an incomplete list of what the third most popular messaging app offers to keep your chats on lockdown.

Sure, someone randomly can’t access any account on Telegram other than their own. 

But if you’re more than an acquaintance of the account holder, you can see who they are talking to. 

Here’s how to see who someone is talking to on Telegram.

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Is It Possible To See Who Someone Is Talking To On Telegram? 

Yes, you can spy on Telegram messenger chats. 

There are many ways to do so, most of which are quite simple. This is because you can view Telegram without account info, such as a password or 2FA code. So, there’s no actual “hacking” involved.

Instead, you’ll need to gain physical access to the target device (the one logged into the Telegram account you want to monitor) and connect it to the monitoring software.

This software could be one of the official Telegram tools or a third-party Telegram spy app. We’ll discuss all available options so you can pick the one that fits your needs perfectly.


How To See Who Someone Is Talking To On Telegram Without Them Knowing? 

Seeing who’s on someone’s contact list is one thing, but knowing everything they do is another level of Telegram monitoring. And it’s absolutely doable.

Here are three proven ways to monitor someone’s Telegram activity:

How To Track Someone On Telegram Using Phonsee Telegram Viewer?


Phonsee is an invisible Telegram viewer app for Android and iOS devices. It collects data from the target account and sends it to your online user dashboard, which looks much like the original messenger with chat lists, call logs, and a contact book. 

Whenever the user sends a message or adds a contact, Phonsee updates your dashboard, so you’re always in the loop about every action they take.

Note: Telegram monitoring is just one of the many advanced features Phonsee offers. Explore the demo to see them all – it’s free!

Key Features of Phonsee

See everything someone’s doing on Telegram in real time, including:

  • Contacts

All numbers, names, and profile pics. Old contacts and new ones. 

  • Call Logs

Incoming, outgoing, and missed calls with number, names, timestamps, and duration.

  • One-On-One and Group Chats

Monitor Telegram without limitations. Read messages, see attachments, and check contact information.

  • Secret Chats

Secret messages won’t be a secret anymore. Phonsee tracks them as regular chats, showing you sent and received messages, shared pictures, videos, and contact information.

  • Photos and Videos

View shared photos and videos in high resolution, including stories.

Use Phonsee as a real-time Telegram tracker. Tap on a map to see where the user is right now and where they have been.

How to Install Phonsee

Here’s your quick guide on how to use Phonsee:

Step 1: Get Your Account Customized

phonsee step4 email

Go to and click the “Try Now” button. Fill out a form to let the Phonsee team know what features you want in your dashboard. They’ll set you up with a personalized account.

Step 2: Pick Your Plan

phonsee step5 price

Phonsee offers three subscription plans: 1 month, 6 months, and 12 months. Choose the one that best meets your needs.

Step 3: Open Your Welcome Email

Phonsee will send you a download link and detailed instructions. Follow them to complete setting up your Telegram tracking app.

Step 4: Start Monitoring Telegram Activity

Log into your Phonsee dashboard from any device and choose Telegram from the left-hand menu. That’s it! You can now monitor someone’s activity in real time.

What Else Can Phonsee Track?

Phonsee is one of the best Telegram spy apps for a good reason. It offers many other helpful features you’d love to check out:

  • Social media monitoring 

Read someone’s messages on other popular social media platforms, dating apps, and instant messengers. 

  • Keylogger

That’s your answer to how to see secret chat in Telegram. Phonsee’s keylogger records every keystroke typed on a target device, including secret messages on Telegram.

  • Geofencing

Create virtual perimeters (geofences) on a map to receive alerts whenever the target device enters or leaves them.

View screenshots of Telegram chats taken by Phonsee. It captures them automatically at short intervals, allowing you to see deleted messages and files.

See what sites have been visited and when. Check bookmarked pages.

Note: We’ve listed Phonsee’s advanced features. It has plenty of other features to access someone’s SMS, call logs, installed apps, calendars, notes, reminders, Wi-Fi history, and more.

How to View Secret Chat in Telegram via Telegram Web

web telegram

Telegram Web is a web-based app for instant access to Telegram accounts from a PC. It doesn’t require installation and offers a simple sign-in process. 

Here’s how to get into someones phone messages using Telegram Web:

  1. Take the target device for a couple of minutes. You don’t need to unlock it.
  2. Go to
  3. Enter the target phone number. You’ll receive a pop-up notification with a code on the target device. Enter it to log into someone’s Telegram from your PC.

Export Telegram Data To Recover Telegram Chat History

Export Telegram Data To Recover Telegram Chat History

Can you track someone on Telegram Desktop? Yes! The “Export Telegram Data ” is a feature that lets you download chat history and shared files from someone’s account. 

  1. Install Telegram Desktop on your PC.
  2. Log into the target Telegram account with their phone number. 
  3. Go to Settings and choose Export Telegram data.
  4. Open the downloaded file on your PC to read messages.


Can people see who you talk to on Telegram?

Yes. If that’s someone close to you who knows how to find secret chats on Telegram with a spy app or other tools, they can see your conversations.

How can I see other chats on Telegram?

Use a Telegram viewer without account password, such as Phonsee. You don’t need the target’s phone number, passwords, or verification codes to set it up.

How can I see hidden messages in Telegram?

Use a spy app that comes with a keylogger or screen recorder, such as Phonsee, mSpy, or Spynger.


Knowing how to track Telegram user in three ways, pick your method and read those chats – you can do it right now. If privacy is key for you, use Phonsee, a hidden Telegram monitoring app. It runs invisibly on the target device, showing you everything the user’s doing in real time. Give it a try and stay in the know without anyone knowing.

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