Scannero Review: User Insights and Analysis

In the current well-connected and technologically advanced world, we still feel clueless about many things. For example, is my kid being blackmailed? Is my Tinder date real or fake? Who is this stranger calling me at the odd hour? These are just some of the questions most of us ponder. Sometimes, it is a matter of tracking someone’s location for safety’s sake, and other times, it is to stay updated with the happenings of a kid’s life.

Scannero is an appealing choice for addressing such concerns. However, some people love the product, and others may not have a satisfactory experience. To decipher what you may encounter with Scannero, we can help you through this review article.

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Scannero Overview

So, what is Is it useful for you? Well, Scannero is mainly a location-tracking application that allows business, parents, friends, and even family ones to track their loved ones at a safe distance. The app is designed to help you stay discreet if you want and have someone’s information on your phone or device anonymously.

In short, Scannero is all about offering you features to address your concerns about your online presence and, if necessary, examine your loved ones more closely.

Note: We do not endorse spying on someone with faulty intentions. Use it only when you have mutual understanding or when you know there is no other way to ensure the safety of your loved ones.


How Does Scannero work?

Wondering how to use Scannero? Scannero doesn’t require app installation. Instead, you send a tracking link to the other person via text message. Once they click the link, you can see their location on a map via the Scannero dashboard.

Scannero Key Features

In the desperate times, we all are guilty of taking desperate measures. If you know your friend can be unsafe when drunk or you have a habit of losing your phone, you must know how Scannero can be your help.

It might not be the usual spying app, but it offers much more than a basic monitoring app. All of its features help users stay safe and keep their loved ones safe, too.

●     Location Tracking

The application’s location tracking feature is simple and convenient. If the targeted device has an active SIM card, this is all you need to track it, no matter the carrier or where your phone is in the world. The steps are straightforward.

Users send a customized/pre-set text message through any IM application or social media with a particular URL and a location request. When they hit the link, the intended individual will see their precise GPS location. The message shows the maximum user information on a user-friendly map.

You can simply use it if you need to track children, elders, or anyone to ensure they are in a safe place. Otherwise, you can also find your lost phone with this feature.

●     Reverse Lookup

If strangers constantly call and you are not sure who they are, then the reverse lookup feature is for you. Simply enter the number, and you can see the details and even their location, along with the registered name of the SIM card. This can help you if you need to block the number to reach back.

●     Email and Phone Leak Checker

Do you doubt your number or email is leaked? This feature allows you to check if your information has fallen into the hands of scammers and blackmailers. If you get your information flagged, you can take precautionary measures and save your personal data.

●     Sending an Anonymous Voice Message or Text

If you want to send an anonymous message but don’t want to be identified, change your voice or send text anonymously using Scannero.

How Much Is Scannero?

The Scannero phone number tracker is not free but is the closest thing to a free spy program that does not jeopardize your security. Scannero pricing for a 24-hour trial starts at $0.89, making it one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market.

In contrast, the sole option for the low-cost 24-hour subscription is a relatively expensive monthly plan. Unlike most of its competitors, Scannero does not offer long-term memberships at a discount.

PlanStarting FromTop FeaturesNumber of Devices Tracked
1-day Trial month$0.89Tracking unlimited phone numbers anywhere in the worldData breach scannerReverse phone lookupUnlimited
1-month$49.80Same as the trialUnlimited

Once the trial ends, you will automatically be upgraded to the one-month premium subscription. Although refunds are granted within 14 days of purchase, they must be due to technical difficulties. According to Scannero’s terms of service, if the user fails to cancel the automatic renewal, they waive their claim for a refund.

Scanner Pros and Cons

Like any product or service, Scannero has its own flaws and many advantages. Based on these, you might be able to decide whether it is suitable for your cause.


  • This is useful for tracking lost or stolen devices.
  • Parents and guardians can rest easy.
  • It can be used to find a device in an emergency.
  • Typically, it is based on user consent and respect for privacy.


  • Needs authorization from the tracked device.

Customers’ reviews: what real users say about Scannero

When we are talking about the Scannero, you might think that we are biased. But let us walk you through the customer’s reviews from their official Trustpilot and Sitejabber accounts.

Still don’t trust? A short tip: Get a Free Trial and test it yourself.

Is Phonsee the Best Alternative for Scannero?

It is a location-tracking app that helps users to stay aware of their loved ones’ location. But is it a better alternative for a scannero phone tracker? No, Phonsee wouldn’t be the best alternative for Scannero if your primary need is simply locating someone by phone number. Here’s why:

  • Focus: Scannero is designed specifically for phone number-based location tracking. It doesn’t require app installation on the target device, making it a quicker and potentially stealthier option. Phonsee, on the other hand, is a full-fledged phone monitoring app. While it offers robust location tracking, it requires app installation and focuses on a wider range of monitoring features.
  • Ease of Use: Scannero phone tracker reviews show that it is known for its simplicity. You just enter a phone number and receive the location (with their consent through a link they click). Phonsee involves installing the app, setting it up, and navigating the dashboard.

Scannero VS Phonsee – Our Rating

This table compares various features of the Scannero app and Phonsee to help you decide which phone monitoring app is best for you. We will rate each feature on a scale of 1 (low) to 5 (high) with our reasoning.

CompatibilityDepends on modelAndroid & iOS
Need to installOnly for advanced featuresYes
Real-Time Tracking55
Location History44
PriceFree Trial/premium subscriptionPaid subscription
Customer Supportwebsite/emailWebsite and Email
Ease of Use44

Based on the features compared, both have almost equal capacity to serve you the best. However, many people might turn off Scannero’s automatic subscription model. But at the same time, real-time location tracking on a user-friendly map is also worth it. Scannero is a perfect solution for basic monitoring because it limits users’ chances of using it illegally.

So, it keeps you on the point and offers the help you need for your loved ones. Phonsee is mostly supported for Android and iOS, but scannero may differ in models. However, it is compatible with most devices.

 Remember: You do not need to install Scannero for basic features like phone location, but a paid subscription is required to track unlimited target devices permanently.


Finally, when you have problems, you look for a quick solution. If we see Scannero as a whole product, we can say that it is what you need when you are short on time.

Spam calls, or be it having to worry for a drunk friend’s safety, you can always be there with them. However, if you forget your phone anywhere, this helps you with it, too. Rest of all, you already know parents have a lot to worry about these days.

Track down your kid’s phone activities and make sure they are not engaging in any of the troubling matters. All in all, the product is good for use if you only want to be safe. If you still have concerns is scannero legit or not, then you just know that its simple functionality tells that it is. With such simple features, it is hard for any intentional scammer or spy to track you or your information.

Remember that we will always advise you to keep your loved ones close enough to communicate clearly when doubts occur. The need for such apps should be reserved only for unfortunate times or when you cannot simply ensure the safety of your loved ones through talking. Ultimately, it is a moral responsibility to respect the person’s privacy.

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