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WhatsApp Spy Tool To Discover What's Happening

Detect any suspicious activity on their WhatsApp.

Available for all Android and iOS devices

Runs on the target phone undetected

24/7 customer support for flawless experience

Quick setup process so you can start tracking right away

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Find out what they’re discussing on WhatsApp

Make sure the conversation they’re having on WhatsApp are safe.


Incoming & outgoing chats

Ensure they aren't engaging in risky conversations.

Full call details

Know everything about their calls, including participants involved, duration and exact timestamps.

Media files viewer

Whether they’re sharing inappropriate videos with friends or receiving explicit photos from strangers, you’ll find out.

Work with messengers & social apps

Get behind the scenes of their activities on social media. Read chats, view photos, and more.













Install Phonsee in 4 quick steps


Create your account

Enter your email and password to sign up for a free account.

Purchase your subscription

Select a plan that fits your needs and complete payment.

Check the welcome email

Open your mailbox and see the detailed instructions for the final setup.

Finish installation

Follow the guidelines to configure Phonsee. Then log into your account and start monitoring!

What our customers say

Get more insights about phone tracking from our customers' experience. You'll be surprised by their findings.


Emma L.

I use Phonesee’s WhatsApp tracker to check whether my younger ones don’t share any personal info in the app. The last thing I want is for their data to fall into the wrong hands.


James R.

With Phonesee, I can be sure my loved ones aren’t bullied on WhatsApp. Thank you so much for this!


Amber J.

I’ve been using Phonsee for 2 months, and their service backs up every single claim they’ve made. I use it to access calls, location history, and social media.


David S.

One of the few apps that actually work remotely. Love it!


Antonio H.

The customer support is super fast. I had an issue with activation, and they responded within minutes.


Emily K.

I used to check in on my loved ones with phone calls. Now I track their location 24/7 from any device I have at hand. Pretty convenient app.


Ready to join us?

Protect your kids from cyberbullying, online predators, inappropriate & violent content, and other online dangers.


Still got questions? We have the answers for you.

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How to download a WhatsApp spy tool on a target phone?

Phonesee is an easy-to-use WhatsApp tracker. You need to create an account and purchase a subscription that fits your needs the most. Then, you’ll get an email with a step-by-step instruction to install an app. Follow this instruction to link the target device to your account. When completed, it’ll take Phonesee a few minutes to collect the data from the device and send it to your dashboard.

Can I install Whatsapp Spy on a device without physical access to it?

If a target device is iPhone, you can use the iCloud sync installation method that doesn’t require physical access. But you need to know your loved one’s iCloud credentials to set everything up. In other cases, you’ll need to take their phone just one time to install Phonesee. Once done, you can monitor the device remotely.

Will the owner of the target phone be notified when Whatsapp Spy App is installed?

This depends on the installation method you choose. If it’s an iCloud sync, you’ll need a 6-digit code from their phone to confirm the installation. And if you have physical access to their iPhone, it won’t be a problem. If you choose any other method, the owner of the device won’t know about your actions. The thing is that Phonesee works in stealth mode, which allows collecting their WhasApp data secretly.

Is it possible to spy on someone's WhatsApp on a device that is not connected to the Internet?

If they have WhatsApp on their device, they need the Internet to use it. Even if they disconnected from the Internet at a given moment, Phonesee could still intercept data from WhatsApp for the period of time when they were connected to it.

Can I track deleted WhatsApp messages on iPhone?

Phonesee provides a screenrecorder that allows you to spy WhatsApp iPhone messages, even deleted ones. This feature can capture any controversial message they send or receive, including files they share there. And if they decide to delete a text, you can still see it in your dashboard.

Can I monitor more than one Whatsapp account using Phonsee?

Having a big family means providing security for everyone. For this reason, we’ve created a special subscription plan that lets you spy on WhatsApp messages on up to 3 devices.