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iMessage Spy App To See Every iPhone Text

Ensure the well-being of your loved ones with the advanced mobile tracker. Monitor their activities anytime with Phonsee.

Available for all Android and iOS devices

Runs on the target phone undetected

24/7 customer support for flawless experience

Quick setup process so you can start tracking right away

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Advanced iMessage spy app with stealth mode

Know everything they are talking about on iMessage.


View messages

See the messages they exchange, both sent and received.

Look through media

Keep an eye on media, including photos and videos shared.

Follow the message history

Detect exact timestamps for each message, including time and date.

Work with messengers & social apps

Get behind the scenes of their activities on social media. Read chats, view photos, and more.













Install Phonsee in 4 quick steps


Create your account

Enter your email and password to sign up for a free account.

Purchase your subscription

Select a plan that fits your needs and complete payment.

Check the welcome email

Open your mailbox and see the detailed instructions for the final setup.

Finish installation

Follow the guidelines to configure Phonsee. Then log into your account and start monitoring!

What our customers say

Get more insights about phone tracking from our customers' experience. You'll be surprised by their findings.


Adam K.

The ability to read iMessages is something I needed so much! Thanks to Phonsee that I finally found the solution!


Aynur G.

Didn’t even know that the iMessage tracker could solve my issues! Good app; I definitely recommend it.


Serg T.

There is nothing better than the feeling of control. Tracking iMessages with Phonsee is what makes my soul calm about people I love.


Anneli D.

The app is really excellent. I want to thank the developers for the ability to look through social media.


Nadzeya D.

I needed a good spy app for personal purposes. Phonsee was exactly what I was looking for. It was very easy to use and covered all my needs!


Areg M.

I’ve tried several apps. This one is the best. Very convenient and intuitive. A great choice for those who are not tech-savvy like me.


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Protect your kids from cyberbullying, online predators, inappropriate & violent content, and other online dangers.


Still got questions? We have the answers for you.

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Can iMessage be tapped?

If by "tapped" you mean "messages that a third-party app can read," the answer is yes. Phonsee is an iPhone text message spy app that can help you read texts and view them from your personal dashboard. Phonsee is simple to use, providing real-time monitoring for every conversation taking place on an iMessage account.

What is an iPhone text message spy app?

Text spy app for iPhone is a type of software that allows users to monitor text messages sent and received on an iPhone. It tracks SMS, iMessage, WhatsApp messages, and other messaging apps. The app also allows users to view details like the sender or recipient of the message, time stamps, and the content of the conversation. With this app, users can also track the location of their devices and monitor calls.

How does iMessage spying work?

iMessage tracker is an app that allows users to track activities on iPhones and other devices. It works by tracking the iMessage conversations of the target device. Once installed, the app will log all incoming and outgoing messages from the monitored device, including timestamps and contact information. In addition, the app can be used to monitor other activities such as web browsing, app usage, calls, and location. Phonsee is designed to be easy to set up and use. Once installed, all messages sent and received on the monitored device will be recorded in an online dashboard accessible from a web browser.

What kind of information can be accessed with an iPhone text message spy app?

An iPhone text message spy app can provide access to a wide range of information, including all the incoming and outgoing messages sent and received on the device so that you can spy on text messages on iPhone. It can also display details such as the date, time, contact name, and number associated with each message. In addition, some apps offer other features, such as tracking GPS location or monitoring activity on popular social media platforms.

Can iMessage spy app be installed remotely?

Unfortunately, the app that can be installed remotely doesn't exist. However, if you have access to the target device and physical access to it, you can install a spy app on the device to track text messages on iPhone.

Can iPhone text tracker be detected by the person being monitored?

As a rule, programs that track iMessage run in stealth mode. This means that the monitored person will not be aware of the software’s presence. However, depending on the specific iMessage tracker being used, it may be possible for an experienced user to detect its activity.

What iPhone models are compatible with Phonsee?

Phonsee iMessage spy app is compatible with all iPhone models running iOS 11 or higher if the target phone is jailbroken. However, if you choose a non-jailbreak option, then the app will run on any device. To know more details, you can contact support.