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Advanced GPS
Phone Tracker

Check in on them anytime, anywhere with easy-to-use phone locator.

Available for all Android and iOS devices

Runs on the target phone undetected

24/7 customer support for flawless experience

Quick setup process so you can start tracking right away

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Enjoy inner peace knowing exactly where they are

Stay one step ahead of danger with phone locator tracking their every move.


History location viewer

Locate your loved ones in the real-time map and explore where they go most often.

Virtual boundaries settings

Keep them away from places you disapprove. Set restricted and allowed areas to be notified once they cross them.

Detailed location data

With pinpoint accuracy, you’ll know exact coordinates and timestamps.

Work with messengers & social apps

Get behind the scenes of their activities on social media. Read chats, view photos, and more.













Install Phonsee in 4 quick steps


Create your account

Enter your email and password to sign up for a free account.

Purchase your subscription

Select a plan that fits your needs and complete payment.

Check the welcome email

Open your mailbox and see the detailed instructions for the final setup.

Finish installation

Follow the guidelines to configure Phonsee. Then log into your account and start monitoring!

What our customers say

Get more insights about phone tracking from our customers' experience. You'll be surprised by their findings.


Mia G.

GPS feature works perfectly. I feel calm knowing where my loved ones are at all times.


Charlotte S.

I’ve been looking for a GPS tracker for a long time until I found Phonesee. Now I can make sure my younger ones won’t visit the place I disapprove.


Amber J.

I’ve been using Phonsee for 2 months, and their service backs up every single claim they’ve made. I use it to access calls, location history, and social media.


David S.

One of the few apps that actually work remotely. Love it!


Antonio H.

The customer support is super fast. I had an issue with activation, and they responded within minutes.


Emily K.

I used to check in on my loved ones with phone calls. Now I track their location 24/7 from any device I have at hand. Pretty convenient app.


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Protect your kids from cyberbullying, online predators, inappropriate & violent content, and other online dangers.


Still got questions? We have the answers for you.

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How can I track another phone with GPS phone tracker?

Phonesee is the most reliable app for finding someone’s location. It has a built-in GPS tracking feature which works with ​​precise accuracy. All the data is displayed on a real-time map, allowing you to get their exact location. Apart from this, you can also view the complete location history, including places they’ve visited or are going to.

Can I track someone's phone without them knowing?

Phonesee can be easily installed on your loved one's phone. You can just sit back and relax, while our phone locator provides updates on their movements. Phonesee is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and operates in the background, making it an irreplaceable tool for keeping track of your loved one's location. Just hide the icon so that they’ll never find or delete the app.

Can you track someone's location with just their phone number?

There are GPS mobile trackers that can find another phone's location using only its number. To get their location, the person on the other end has to follow the link sent in the message. But no one can guarantee this will happen. That’s why installing a complete monitoring app with a GPS tracking feature is the better option. Phonesee is just an app allowing you to see someone’s location on a real-time map.

Can I track the location of a cell phone for free?

We recommend avoiding free GPS cell phone locator apps. Not only do these apps work incorrectly, but they’re usually created to steal your personal information or the data from the device you monitor. If you are searching for a security tracking solution, it's worth paying for one. We can assure that Phonesee is a perfect solution and it goes beyond GPS tracking, offering a whole range of features.

Why should I use a phone tracker app?

As you probably know, your loved ones don’t always want to say where they’re going or where they’ve been. But when it comes to your kids, not sharing this information can be dangerous. Unfortunately, bad things can happen anywhere, and it's crucial to have access to their location in times of need. Phonesee can help you with this. Just install it on a phone you want to monitor and set safety areas. If your loved one crosses one of these areas, you'll receive immediate notification, allowing you to stay informed and keep them safe.

How to choose a GPS cell phone locator?

Choose GPS phone tracker online with high pinpoint accuracy that can provide you with someone’s precise locations. Another thing to consider is a list of features. If you need just a location tracker, there is no need to choose an app with lots of features in it. But if you want to know everything your loved one is doing on their phone, you need a complete monitoring app. Finally, choose an app that fits your budget. We can assure you that Phonesee is the perfect and affordable solution. Apart from GPS tracking, it also provides social media monitoring, keylogger, browsing history viewer and more. With all this, you’ll know if your loved ones are safe in both real and online worlds.