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With Facebook Messenger Spy App

Find out if something controversial is happening on their Facebook.

Available for all Android and iOS devices

Runs on the target phone undetected

24/7 customer support for flawless experience

Quick setup process so you can start tracking right away

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Analyze their Facebook activity

Make sure they’re interacting with others on Messenger in a safe and responsible manner.


Incoming & Outgoing messages

Be it a personal message, group or secret chat, you know exactly what is discussed there.

Media files checker

Check if they send or receive any inappropriate photos and videos in the app.

Detailed chat report

Know exactly when the conversation happened, including the people involved.

Work with messengers & social apps

Get behind the scenes of their activities on social media. Read chats, view photos, and more.













Install Phonsee in 4 quick steps


Create your account

Enter your email and password to sign up for a free account.

Purchase your subscription

Select a plan that fits your needs and complete payment.

Check the welcome email

Open your mailbox and see the detailed instructions for the final setup.

Finish installation

Follow the guidelines to configure Phonsee. Then log into your account and start monitoring!

What our customers say

Get more insights about phone tracking from our customers' experience. You'll be surprised by their findings.


Oliver K.

I know how dangerous Facebook can be. Luckily, Phonesee helps me to keep an eye on my relatives' conversations so that I know they are safe.


Blake D.

I was a victim of bullying and didn’t want my loved ones to be in my place. That’s why I choose Phonesee to check their Facebook messages once in a while.


Amber J.

I’ve been using Phonsee for 2 months, and their service backs up every single claim they’ve made. I use it to access calls, location history, and social media.


David S.

One of the few apps that actually work remotely. Love it!


Antonio H.

The customer support is super fast. I had an issue with activation, and they responded within minutes.


Emily K.

I used to check in on my loved ones with phone calls. Now I track their location 24/7 from any device I have at hand. Pretty convenient app.


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Protect your kids from cyberbullying, online predators, inappropriate & violent content, and other online dangers.


Still got questions? We have the answers for you.

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Can Facebook Messenger be tracked?

Absolutely, if you install the Phonesee Facebook tracker app. The best part is that you don’t need their Facebook credentials. If they logged in, Phonesee could easily access all their chats to display them in your dashboard.

How to spy on someone's messenger?

Facebook messenger tracking is easier than you think. Just install Phonesee on a target phone. After creating an account, you’ll get installation instructions that you need to follow for the app to work properly. Note that you’ll need physical access to a target device to link it to your account. After the app is installed, you can use the Facebook messenger spy app without the target phone.

Can I see who someone is talking to on Facebook messenger?

Our Facebook messenger spy app will not only provide you with the content of conversations, but it can also identify who was involved and when.

Can Facebook messages be traced after deleting?

Yes, thanks to the Screerecording feature, Phonesee can capture any message sent via Facebook, including deleted ones.

Is it possible to track secret conversations with Phonesee?

Yes! Phonesee works in a way to intercept any message, no matter if it’s sent in a personal, group or secret chat. This way, you can get a better understanding of what your loved one discusses and who they’re doing it with.

Can I spy on Facebook Messenger for free?

When it comes to Facebook tracking, you need a reliable and secure monitoring app. But this is not the case with free solutions, as they might put your personal data at risk! Be very careful when downloading a free app to spy on messenger conversations. The last thing you want is to have your personal data stolen by dubious software.

Can Facebook monitoring apps work on all devices?

We can’t say for other Facebook tracking apps, but Phonesee operates on both iOS and Android devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Is it legal to use a Facebook monitoring app to track someone else's activity?

Facebook Messenger tracking is legal as long as you meet some requirements. First, the monitored person has to be your underaged kid who is living under your care. Second, if you want to monitor an adult, you have to inform them about your intentions. You can install the Facebook tracker app on their device only when you get their consent.