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Secret Screen Recorder App

Discover the hidden power of recording with a revolutionary app Phonsee.

Available for all Android and iOS devices

Runs on the target phone undetected

24/7 customer support for flawless experience

Quick setup process so you can start tracking right away

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Unblemished Screen Recorder

Stay updated on all of their conversations right here and now.


Screenshots of photos and videos on your phone

Get an eyeful of their media content without a hitch.

Screenshot of conversations

Have the conversation saved forever, and don’t miss out on any dangers.

Chronology of correspondence

Staying informed about the frequency and timing of their communications.

Work with messengers & social apps

Get behind the scenes of their activities on social media. Read chats, view photos, and more.













Install Phonsee in 4 quick steps


Create your account

Enter your email and password to sign up for a free account.

Purchase your subscription

Select a plan that fits your needs and complete payment.

Check the welcome email

Open your mailbox and see the detailed instructions for the final setup.

Finish installation

Follow the guidelines to configure Phonsee. Then log into your account and start monitoring!

What our customers say

Get more insights about phone tracking from our customers' experience. You'll be surprised by their findings.


Frank S.

There is nothing better than Phonsee. I could monitor call logs, text messages, SMS, and so on without leaving the target phone lagging. 100% satisfied.


Laura G.

I started using Phonsee in January because I saw the Screen Recorder function. It works just flawlessly, so I'm a regular subscriber.


Mary C.

My favorite feature is the ability to watch the Android screen. It made my life easier in the first second. I can see from which application this screenshot was taken, when and what time it was taken! Super!


Mike L.

I fell in love with the number of features of Phonsee. I used to have three different apps, but now I've replaced them with one that checks sites, phone content, and GPS location at once!


Carol M.

I was concerned about buying Phonsee and decided to chat with someone from the support team. They answered all my questions and even offered me a great discount. Thanks!


Emma N.

Phonsee is such a fast and easy-to-use program that even I, far from tech, have done it.


Ready to join us?

Protect your kids from cyberbullying, online predators, inappropriate & violent content, and other online dangers.


Still got questions? We have the answers for you.

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How do hidden screen recorders work?

To get started and access screen recordings, you must choose an app that allows you to do this. But be careful, as some apps promise but don't deliver or have significant limitations. But not Phonsee, which can be used equally well as an iOS and Android screen recorder. Just create an account, purchase your subscription, and check out the welcome email for further instructions on configuring it - then you'll be ready to start monitoring!

How can I record someone's screen secretly?

Phonsee provides an innovative way to remotely monitor a target device. Its cloud-based technology allows you to keep tabs on every activity. You can stay informed of suspicious behavior in real time from your dashboard, accessible through any Internet-enabled device. You only need to access the target device once to install Phonsee on it and grant all permissions - and you will never be in danger of being exposed. Screen recording in Android and iOS with Phonsee will be completely hidden, and even the app icon will become hidden!

What is the best secret screen recording app on Android?

With the abundance of screen recording apps available now, finding one that won't give away your intentions is essential. However, not all recorders offer the same level of stealthy surveillance capabilities. Some, like Phonsee, provide a screen recording option that gives you greater assurance when monitoring your loved one's activity. Therefore, taking into account all the advantages and features provided by Phonsee, the possibilities of GPS tracking, monitoring of social networks and messengers, access to files, photos, and videos on the phone, and more - there is no doubt that it is one of the best android screen recorders as much as an iOS.

Is Screen Recording Detectable?

Regarding mobile phone monitoring, users may be able to detect poorly designed trackers. To avoid detection and ensure a successful spying experience, you can use a reliable solution such as Phonsee - which was explicitly developed for undetectable recording on their device. A secret screen recorder helps you to hide the app icon and monitor all kinds of their activity remotely.

Can You Screen Record On WhatsApp?

Yes. And if you're looking for the best way to oversee someone's WhatsApp, Phonsee is an essential tool. Its built-in hidden screen recorder feature captures every movement on a phone’s screen. It allows users to gain insight into what their loved one might be doing on their WhatsApp without them knowing. Get all details at your fingertips with just a few clicks, and ensure those closest are always safe!

How Do You Screen Record On Snapchat?

Snapchat is considered to be one of the safest social networks because the content there disappears over time. But any tech-savvy scammer or predator can hack into the data store and download so-called "deleted" content. You can use Phonsee's screen record on Android and iPhone to protect loved ones: As they use Snapchat, Phonsee takes random screenshots. Those screenshots will await you when you head to your Phonsee dashboard. It's a great way to see their Snaps just as they appear on their phone and capture deleted messages.