How to Mirror Someone's Phone

How to Mirror Someone’s Phone

Currently, more than 6.92 billion people own a smartphone. Despite the immense benefits they provide, some people could use these devices to commit fraud, lure children into deadly traps and view inappropriate content online. As such, learning how to secretly mirror a phone could help you monitor how your loved ones utilize their smartphones.

Could your kids be chatting with online bullies and sex predators? Or perhaps your spouse is using Tinder, Facebook Messenger, and other apps to flirt with others. By using a phone mirroring app, you’re able to view all their social media chats, call logs, emails and more without needing to obtain physical access to their device.


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Reasons Why You Should Mirror Their Device

You’re probably wondering: why might I need to go through someone’s phone? Well, there are a few valid reasons that could prompt you to clone someone else’s phone. These include:

1.   You’re Looking Out for Your Kids

As parents, your kids should always come first. Children are frequently targeted by online fraudsters, molesters and bullies whenever they use the internet. As such, it’s important to monitor their devices and check who they’re conversing with on popular social networking sites such as Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp.

2.   You Suspect That Your Partner Is Having an Affair

You could also start noticing certain behavior changes in your spouse that suggest that he/she is cheating. For example, they may suddenly start telling frequent white lies, becoming secretive with their phone or ghosting you for hours on end. In such instances, you could consider using a spy app to see what someone is doing on their phone.


3.   You Wish to Safeguard Your Elderly Relatives from Fraudulent Schemes

Some people have an incessant gambling habit that causes them to lose wads of money every day. Others simply have a proclivity for get-rich-quick schemes. Cloning their phone could help you monitor their activities and prevent them from throwing all their money down the drain.

When Can Phonsee Come in Handy?


Phonsee is a dedicated tracking app that provides users with unrestricted access to someone else’s device. This app contains an assortment of monitoring features that help you view your target user’s call logs, SMS texts, social media chats, emails, calendar entries, and more.


What Does It Mean to Mirror Their Device With Phonsee?

So, how do you mirror a phone without getting caught? The best method involves using a high-quality spy app that can effectively clone another phone’s content and display it on your device.

Mirroring another person’s phone basically allows you to view everything that’s inside. This includes their installed apps, emails, SMS texts, and chat messages.

Phonsee allows you to create an exact copy of someone else’s device. The mirrored contents are then displayed to you on the Control Panel. This app has a user-friendly interface that makes it quite easy to operate.

How to Install Phonsee

Now that you know how to mirror a phone without them knowing using Phonsee, it’s time you learned how this tracking app is installed.

Here is a step-by-step procedure on how to install Phonsee:

  • Visit the Phonsee website on your preferred browser
  • Create an account using your email address and wait to receive installation instructions
  • Choose the phone type you wish to monitor
  • Select your preferred package from the three available plans and complete the payment process
  • Get physical access to the target device and disable Play Protect
  • Download Phonsee installer by copy-pasting the link you were provided by the wizard into Google’s address bar and clicking Go
  • Grant access to the target phone’s data by clicking “Allow” on all pop-ups
  • Follow the remaining wizard instructions and enter the registration code
  • Complete the installation and start mirroring your target user’s phone using Phonsee

Mirroring Someone’s Phone Using Other Methods

Apart from using Phonsee to clone other people’s devices, there are few other techniques you can utilize. These include:

1.   Peeking into Their Phones When They’re Distracted

If you’re on a budget and can’t afford to purchase a tracking app, going through their phone when they are busy or distracted could work. This method is pretty straightforward: simply wait for an opportune time to grab their phone and quickly check important details such as WhatsApp chat messages, SMS texts and call logs.

Unfortunately, you’ll still need to know their device passcode for this technique to work. It’s also very easy to get caught spying on your loved ones.

2.   Installing Hi-Def Cameras in Your House

If your partner sits on the same spot every time, you could install a high definition camera at just the right angle to capture their chats, SMS messages, emails and more. The camera will provide an eagles-eye view of their smartphone activity, allowing you to discover who they’re chatting with frequently.

Although it’s an effective solution, the video quality can be affected by a variety of variables that include camera resolution and lighting conditions.

3.   Logging into Their iCloud Account

If you’re fortunate enough to know their iCloud credentials, simply head to and sign in using their Apple ID. The information you’ll gather includes their emails, shared iMessages, calendar events and stored multimedia files.

However, your target user will receive a phone alert informing them that they’re signed in elsewhere. It’s probably not the safest option if you want to avoid getting caught.

Let’s say you manage to clone someone’s phone without them knowing for free. Do you risk being on the wrong side of the law? Well, most jurisdictions allow parents to mirror their children’s phones with the sole intention of keeping them safe from online criminals.

You can also mirror an adult’s phone if you have their consent or if the phone being mirrored belongs to you. However, it’s wrong to spy on a stranger’s device without their knowledge.



Learning how to secretly mirror a phone can help you in more ways than one. Apart from allowing you to safeguard your lovely children, this skill can help you keep tabs on your employees. Married couples can also mirror their partners’ phone to discover whether they’re cheating. After much review, we’ve found Phonsee to be the most effective app for mirroring someone’s phone.

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