Find Out Who Your Boyfriend Is Snapchatting with

How to Find Out Who Your Boyfriend Is Snapchatting with a Few Easy Steps

In the first part of 2024, Snapchat had 422 million daily active users worldwide. The app is a great way to keep in touch with loved ones, show them key moments of your daily life, post stories, and even show someone where you are. However, due to Snapchat’s feature that deletes conversations and evidence of snaps after 24 hours, unfaithful partners often use it.

When you have a boyfriend who seems to spend a suspicious amount of time on Snapchat or who is very secretive about his phone, chances are you suspect him of cheating. But how to find out who your boyfriend is Snapchatting? We’ve done our research and found the best solutions to help you out. Keep on reading to discover several easy methods.

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Signs that Your Boyfriend Is Snapchatting with Other Girls

Are you wondering whether your boyfriend is being unfaithful? Here’s how to know if he’s talking to another girl on Snapchat:

  • He’s Suddenly More Distant: There will be more than one sign when someone is being unfaithful. Usually, an easy way to tell that your boyfriend is talking to other girls is by paying attention to his behavior. Is he more distant all of a sudden? Does he appear less interested in you and spending time with you? Also, did he stop being affectionate? In this case, you may get suspicious, wondering, “How to find out if my husband has Snapchat?”
  • He’s Never Leaving His Phone: Faithful partners would have no problem leaving their phones in the room with you. So, if your boyfriend is very secretive about his device, he may be receiving Snapchat photos and messages from other girls.
  • He Spends Too Much Time on His Phone: If your boyfriend suddenly spends too much time on his phone, he may be talking to other girls. This is especially possible if he panics or gets angry when you approach him while he’s on the phone.

How Can You See Who Someone Is Snapchatting With?

Wanting to find out who someone is snapping is a normal desire, but it’s very challenging. It’s not easy to check your boyfriend’s Snapchat. Asking to see his app activity could make him accuse you of not trusting him, whereas checking his phone when he’s not looking would be considered an invasion of privacy. A specialized app is the best way to see who someone is Snapchatting with, although there are also various useful methods that work out, which we’ll explain below.

Phonsee — Find Out Who Someone Is Snapping In an Instant

phonsee snapchat spy app

If you’re wondering, “How to see who my boyfriend is talking to on Snapchat?” you should check Phonsee. This app lets you see someone’s activity on Snapchat and other applications. The mobile tracker lets you browse a loved one’s Snapchat activity and find out anything you wish to know – including whether or not your boyfriend is cheating.

But how to see who someone is snapping by using Phonsee? Well, it’s easy. Phonsee has several useful features that make tracking your boyfriend a piece of cake, such as:

  • Viewing Someone’s Conversations: Phonsee is a third-party application that grants you access to someone’s Snapchat conversations. So, whether your partner is texting their family, friends, or other girls, you’ll always know. It can track conversations remotely and show you any texts and conversations that include media. Because the data is captured, everything can be accessed from Phonsee’s dashboard. Nothing your boyfriend says will escape you, even if he sets the conversations to disappear when he closes the app.
  • Seeing Their Snaps: Phonsee also makes it possible to see your target’s snaps. If there’s anything suspicious in the photos and videos that get sent and received, Phonsee will show you. It’s especially useful when you suspect your partner of cheating as it can reveal potential suspicious snaps your boyfriend sends.
  • Checking Timestamps: With Phonsee, you can also view timestamps. It will tell when your boyfriend is active on Snapchat, so you can easily notice if it’s during times when you’re apart or when he’s in a different part of the house.

How to Start Using Phonsee?

So, how can you see who someone is Snapchatting with the help of Phonsee? All you have to do is install the app and start monitoring your target. Here are the steps you have to go through to make it work:

  1. Sign Up on Phonsee – The first thing you have to do is create an account. Use a valid email address and choose a good password. Then, you’re ready to set up your account.
  2. Select a Subscription: Phonsee has different subscriptions from which you can choose. Each one has distinct features that cater to various needs. These plans are family-friendly, and finding one that covers different devices, needs, and budgets is a piece of cake. The plans you can choose are for one month, three months, or one year.
  3. Check Your Email: Following your registration, you will receive an email from Phonsee. Go to your inbox and open the newly received email. There, you will see some installation instructions.
  4. Complete the Installation: Follow the given steps to install and configure Phonsee. You can then start tracking your boyfriend’s activity.

Other Ways to Find Out Who Your Boyfriend Is Snapchatting With

Boyfriend Is Snapchatting

How to see who someone is talking to on Snapchat? Well, there are many ways to go about it. Some are more discreet than others. You can try different methods if you don’t want to download a third-party app, including:

Download His Snap Data

Did you know that when it comes to how to see who someone’s been snapchatting you can download their snap data and get more info about their activity? If you manage to access your boyfriend’s account, you can check his activity report and download his data. This can prove to be very useful as it tells you a lot about your partner’s Snapchat whereabouts.

For instance, it will show you his memories, the contacts he’s blocked, who he’s been talking to, what transactions he’s made, and so on. The only drawback is that it can take several hours to get your hands on the information.

Check His Friends

How to figure out who someone is on Snapchat when it comes to your boyfriend’s contacts? Well, you just have to check his friends. To do this, you should tap on his profile icon and check the “My friends” section. But this usually requires access to his phone, which may be tricky.

Check for Snapchat Streaks

You may need to snoop a little if you want to use this method. However, it’s great if you want to know how to see someone’s friends on Snapchat or find out if your partner is cheating. Snap streaks reveal how many days in a row two people have been sending each other videos or photos. It starts when they do it for three consecutive days.

If your boyfriend has a streak with one or more girls, this can indicate infidelity. Then, you can get to the next step, respectively how to find out who someone is on Snapchat.

Look at His Snap Map

There is also a different way to discover what your boyfriend is up to when he is not very good with technology. More often than not, when he’s not aware of each Snapchat feature, he may leave his Snap Map on. This will show you where he is at all times, revealing whether he’s cheating with someone you know.

Moreover, you can check if any of his friends are sharing their location with your partner.

Check His Deleted Snaps

Are you wondering how to find out who your boyfriend is messaging? A telling sign is whether or not he deletes many snaps. But this may be challenging as it requires your partner to back up his data. If he deletes snaps, you can find out whether they’re from other girls.

How to Prevent Your Boyfriend’s Cheating on Snapchat

To prevent your boyfriend from cheating on this platform, you might also want to know how to find out if your bf has a second Snapchat. If he has a second account, things get trickier. However, if your boyfriend cares about you and has good intentions, then cheating is not something you will have to worry about.

Still, it’s good to establish a few things moving forward so you can have peace of mind or be prepared in case he’s doing something behind your back. With a few simple tips, you may be able to prevent your boyfriend’s cheating on Snapchat.

  • Don’t be scared to set boundaries regarding social media behavior, such as not Snapchatting other people without the other partner knowing.
  • Discuss the situation with your boyfriend. If you’re worried, let him know about it.
  • Trust your gut. Usually, your instincts are right in making you suspicious about your boyfriend.


There are many ways to find out who your boyfriend is Snapchatting. You can check his friends, deleted snaps, streaks, Snap map, or Snap data. However, the easiest and safest method is to use a third-party app like Phonsee to find the answer. Find the best subscription option for you and create your account today to start monitoring your partner.

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